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We are at it again! Come join us at our first ever Halloween Booty Hustlers Event at the Apple Valley Speedway on October 31st, 2020. We look forward to seeing everyone at the event!


We will have three sets of driver registration:

  1. Morning/Day Session: 8 am to 5 pm $70
    1. Anyone from the morning/day session can stay and spectate but must move their vehicles outside the venue by 5 pm to accommodate the next set of drivers. (This does not apply for the all day drivers registered for the event)
  2. Evening Session: 6 pm to 8 am (11/01/20) $70 
  3. All Day Driver registration (Reserved only for advanced drivers) $130


Please submit the payments to the Booty Hustlers Venmo @bootyhustlers. Ensure that you follow the template for the memo section on the Venmo transaction. 


*We have limited slots for each set of registration. We will only have 50 drivers slots available for the morning /day session, and 50 drivers slots available for the evening session. We will have 30 driver slots available for the All day driver registration. There will be no refunds given after Oct 13th.


Food Vendors

For food vendors looking to participate at our Booty Hustlers Halloween Event, please review the information below:

  • We will have 3-4 food vendor slots available for each session 
  • Price point for the Morning/day session is $150
  • Price point for the Evening session is $130
  • Price point for all day is $300
  • Email dtorres@bootyhustlers for registration; this is first come first serve


Sales Vendors

  • We will have 2-4 slots for sales vendors
  • Price Point for Morning/day session $120
  • Email dtorres@bootyhustlers for registration; this is first come first serve


Staffing & Media 

We are currently looking for some people to help us out during the event. Please contact for more information. We will be providing shirts and food for our staff on top of financial compensation. 

For Media information please email 

Drivers please follow this template when Paying on Venmo 




Day or Night or All Day:

Driving experience :